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Piston Lift

DIAMOND LIFT is Stertil-Koni's state-of-the-art high pressure telescopic piston lift - providing optimum flexibility, productivity, durability and environmental containment. It is available in two models:




DIAMOND LIFT "Frame" (New!)


Both models are available in either a two- or three-piston configuration, with a total lifting capacity of 64,000 lbs. and 96,000 lbs respectively. Product benefits include:  


  • 32,000 lbs. capacity per piston


  • Electronically synchronized for maximum safety and convenience


  • Hard-chrome plated piston rods for maximum protection against corrosion, wear and debris


  • Mechanical locking system utilizes a hardened, nitro carburized locking rod for maximum protection


  • Easy system maintenance because all power units and control components are located above floor level


  • Low oil volume – only 4.5 gallons of hydraulic fluid required per piston and designed for use with bio-degradable hydraulic fluid


  • Aluminum trench covers with 13,600 lbs. drive over load


  • Simple to use, intuitive controls


  • Third-party testing and validation by ETL-Intertek to ensure compliance with ANSI/ALI ALCTV current edition


  • ALI Gold Certification Label


Piston Lift


Piston LiftPiston LiftPiston Lift