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Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

wireless mobile column lifts

Wireless mobile column lifts from Stertil-Koni are all about performance and safety. No external power source is required to operate, no interconnecting cables necessary and hence no risk of tripping – all with minimal set up time.


Available capacities:

  • 16,500 lbs. per column, Model #: ST 1075
  • 18,500 lbs. per column, Model #: ST 1085
  • 22,000 lbs. per column, Model #: ST 1100




Additional benefits include:

  • Maximum access to the vehicle, with no risk of tripping
  • Deep cycle batteries can be charged with regular 110 VAC, and on average only need to be recharged approximately once every two weeks.
  • Hydraulic pallet jack mechanism with patented overload protection
  • Fixed synthetic front wheels lower floor loads (as compared to steel front wheels)
  • Patented “turtle” system with normal or reduced lowering speeds for greater control
  • At least 15 sets of four able to operate in one contiguous area without interference
  • No need to string cables overhead
  • Control system on each column with OSD (On Screen Display)
wireless mobile column liftsWireless Mobile Column LiftsWireless Mobile Column Liftswireless mobile column lifts