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SKYLIFT from Stertil-Koni is a superior, heavy duty platform lift that uniquely provides a clear floor concept for the user. It optimizes working space thanks to its vertical lifting design with no crossbeams or columns.  The following models are available:


  • Model #: SKY 200: Maximum rated capacity of 62,400 lbs.
  • Model #: SKY 250: Maximum rated capacity of 78,000 lbs.


Additional benefits include:


  • No overhang, no crossbeams, no base frame, and four independent legs; providing free access from all sides
  • Mechanical locking system, beginning at 3 5/8 inches above floor level
  • Runway lengths: available lengths 23’ to 110’ per configuration set up
  • With a special synchronization set and floor bridge section between the two lifts it is possible to use two SKYLIFTS as either two individual lifts or one single lift, which enables SKYLIFT to lift vehicle configurations of up to 100 feet in length and a weight of 156,000 lbs.
  • Easily movable
  • Automatic safeguard against overloading or uncontrolled descent
  • SKYLIFT can be either flush-mounted or surface mounted. Flush mounted recess is 15.7"
  • Lifting articulated vehicles can be accommodated through a modular approach by adding 4.12" feet to either side of the lifting platform thereby extending runway by 8.25 feet. Therefore, with a 33 foot runway, actual runway length is 41 ¼ feet. Notice that regardless of runway length the number of legs is four. No need for extra legs!
  • Extra options available